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The London Construction Academy provides free training to help the hard-to-reach in London’s boroughs who are not in employment, education or training (NEETS) into achieving transferrable skills for the construction sector.

Our 10 day fully funded courses are designed to motivate many young people in London into realising that there are real skill shortages in the construction sector particularly amongst technicians and craftsmen and that there are apprenticeship and work experience opportunities for those who wish to learn.

It has been established to help companies and authorities to give their people the knowledge and skills they need for perfect delivery in London.

Our training courses cover a comprehensive range of skills, procedures and practices, preparing staff for meeting the levels of excellence needed for success in the capital and beyond.

The Academy offers courses for technical delivery, health and safety, customer service and more.  It also partners with leading organisations to share knowledge and best practice for delivering excellence for London’s residents and businesses.

To book your course please call us on 0203 139 1795 or email:

See our latest Social Value report on outputs achieved from our courses.

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Employers and Referral Partners

Networking event in London on 9.30am to 11.30am on Friday 15th September 2017 for Employers and Referral Partners.  If you would like to attend please see Eventbrite public events under networking/charities and causes.  Alternatively please e-mail for details:

To find out about our course and how you can support the academy through providing employment opportunities please see this short video:-

To book a training course please call:

0203 139 1795

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